[UPDATES] MTA 0.5r2 Released!

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[UPDATES] MTA 0.5r2 Released!

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Towncivilian @ Multi Theft Auto Forums wrote:
To celebrate MTA 0.5's 6th birthday, MTA 0.5r2 for GTA3 and VC is available to play! This release includes:
  • A new external server browser application to replace the nonfunctional server browser in the client
  • For MTA:VC DM:
  • Fixed weapon crosshair for widescreen resolutions
  • Stubby jumping and grenade/Molotov sprinting & jumping re-enabled
  • Pay'n'Sprays which repair your vehicle
  • Interiors, stunting, and unique jumps
  • For GTA3:MTA:
  • Shoreside Vale's "color bug" significantly reduced or eliminated
  • Turismo/Shoreside Scramble race gamemode now functional for all islands
And many other fixes and tweaks; read the full changelogs in the next post for more detail.

Please note that this release is an unofficial update which will have limited support by myself only, and is not endorsed by the MTA team. Aside from the server browser, all changes are rather minor and gameplay related. Do not expect improvements of synchronization as I do not have access to the source code. These changes were all I could do with SCM and memory hacks.
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I hope you enjoy playing MTA 0.5r2.
Download: Feel free to join #mta3vc on irc.gtanet.com to gather with other players and for support if you need some help! You can click here to join immediately using the Mibbit Java IRC client.