Multi Theft Auto 0.6 Nightly 1 Released

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Multi Theft Auto 0.6 Nightly 1 Released

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We are happy to announce that a new nightly for Multi Theft Auto 0.6, (specifically made for use with Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City), has been released! While a lot of changes has been made to improve stability and add features, it is very important to note that this is still a nightly build, and not a full release version. It will contain bugs and issues, most of which are noted below alongside all known changes since the previous nightly. Many plans are still on the table, or are actively being worked on, so don't be discouraged.
ixjf wrote:Multi Theft Auto 0.6 Changelog:

- All configuration files now use the XML file format.
- Revamped GUI with an integrated server browser (not yet functional) - this allowed to fix a very large amount of issues, and greatly improved the maintainability of the code.
- Fixed issue #50 ( - Unable to launch GTA3
- Fixed issue #39 ( - Rewrite chat handling for server and client
- Several data files were relocated due to coding changes
- Program version number was updated from 0.5.1 to 0.6
- Numerous other miscellaneous bug, memory leak, crash, and typographical fixes

- Fixed issue #40 ( - All configuration files now use the XML file format.
- The server no longer announces to Instead, it uses a custom master server for MTA 0.5.1 ( - this will change in upcoming builds.
- Fixed issue #48 ( - Lua functions don't check if the specified player/vehicle ID is valid
- Fixed issue where Lua events wouldn't be triggered during script loading
- Added Lua event onVehicleEnter for GTA3
- Fixed kills not being processed by the server (and consequently score not working properly)
- Disabled getPlayerDeaths (related to the issue fixed right above) - the behavior of this function was unclear
- Fixed issue #47 ( - Passing a nil value to Lua functions results in a server crash
- Fixed issue #76 ( - Data usage stats don't include Remote Admin connections
- Fixed issue #26 ( - Infinite money bug
- Fixed issue #04 ( - Add 'setPlayerPosition' Lua function
- Since the chat code was rewritten, the Lua function outputChatBox is not available. It'll be in future builds.
- Program version number was updated from 0.5.1 to 0.6
- Numerous other miscellaneous bug, memory leak, crash, and typographical fixes

- The server only shuts down after you close the process. If you type 'q' or 'quit' in the console but don't close it, as attempting to start another server on the same port will fail.

- The in-game scoreboard sometimes takes a lot longer than it should to update.
- The chat always appears on the loading screen.
- The game crashes on the loading screen when using the VC 1.1 EXE.
- The game often crashes when entering a vehicle (applies for both local and remote players).
- The client randomly thinks the player died due to a punch/kick on game startup.
- The client never times out, even if the connection to the server is lost

There are a lot of under-the-hood changes to the code which fixed many problems that existed before, and many that were introduced after the last nightly that had to be fixed.
This nightly can be downloaded by clicking here, or by going to our Nightly Releases page located here.

Before using this software, be sure to check the README file included with it for an explanation on where to place several of the files.

If you discover any bugs not listed above, please report them to our bug tracker by clicking here.

Have fun everyone, and stop playing with yourself!