Progress Update - 09/08/2009

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Progress Update - 09/08/2009

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The other day I sent out a message to eAi from the MTA Development Team. I asked about possibly getting the 0.5 source, as well as them possibly recompiling TownCivilian's VC updates for the original 0.5 and releasing it so users can get hyped up for our upcoming client update. Here's his response:
PM From eAi To SugarD wrote:We'd be happy to help with porting blue to vc - we have some code from the previous version of blue that implements quite a lot of what is in game_sa. I'm on holiday at the moment until next weekend, when I get back we should have a talk about the best aproach and how we can help. I'm not sure you'd find the 0.5 source much use, but we can probably dig it out if necessary...

Send me a pm here or on irc next Sunday and we can discuss it!
That's right guys! Development will start around next Sunday! Be ready for what's to come!

Sent at: Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:20 am
From: eAi
To: SugarD-x
Just had some further thoughts...

We discussed this previously with a group interested in working on MTA:VC on Blue. They decided they didn't have the time, but we suggested that they write up a proposal of sorts, to show how they'd approach the development. Basically, we'd like to see that you've got a reasonable understanding of the MTA code and what would need to be done to it to make it work on Vice City. It'd be a waste of everyone's time if you have no idea where to start! This will give us something to discuss as well.

Anyway, that's my suggestion - if you can go through the MTA code and see what you'd have to do to make it work on Vice City, write it up in a document (on the wiki, if you want it public, or a forum PM, or email - [email protected]) and then we'll see that you're serious and committed to doing this. I won't say it'll be easy - the code we've got from the old version of Blue will help, but it's going to require a good few months of work to get it close to being playable, I'd say... It'd be really great to see it done though!

My feeling is that you should be able to replace game_sa with game_vc and multiplayer_sa with multiplayer_vc, and modify 'core' to use directx 8, and have something working without touching much else. That should be the principle this is done on - so that deathmatch.dll will work with both games, that way long-term, improvements in SA will work in VC and vice-versa, and hopefully many resources will work in both without any code changes!

If you have any questions about this, or the code, feel free to email me.