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About Project Redivivus

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In Latin, "redivivus" means reconstruction, and that is exactly what this project is all about. Since day one, the Multi Theft Auto Development Team has brought us great multiplayer mods that have pleased us to our hearts' content. Unfortunately though, as demand has risen for the release and debugging of Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas, the poor old versions of Grand Theft Auto 3: Multi Theft Auto and Multi Theft Auto: Vice City were left in the dust to only be neglected and forgotten. They survived for awhile, but when the shutdown of the All-Seeing Eye (the MTA internal server browser for the older versions) came around, even the latest non-San Andreas version of MTA had suffered and almost completely died off. As of this writing, there are maybe three or four servers still dedicated to running this outdated program so its desperate fans can still enjoy it, but it wasn't always like this. Back in the day, the internal server browser would sometimes lock up due to the large amount of filled servers being displayed. Users would have fun, hackers went on rampages, deathmatchers shot each other at point blank with shotguns, roleplayers pretended it was real life, and all was well. It is those days that we remember, and it is those days we also want to bring back. That is why we exist. We want to bring back the old school MTA and everything in between, better than it was. Less bugs and more options. That's our goal here with Project Redivivus, and we hope to obtain it.

Project Redivivus was founded by SugarD, named by EliteTerm, and expanded as a result of its vast number of supporters. It is a complete overhaul of the original MTA 0.5, being written from scratch and using a converted version of MTA:SA 1.x's "Blue" core engine. There is also a secondary project being run by Project Redivivus, dubbed "Updates", which is responsible for applying updates and bug fixes to the current 0.x releases. This is mainly worked on by Towncivilian, and so far has had one major release, with many more pending. Project Redivivus was founded on Wednesday, August 26th, 2009.

Project Redivivus - Remaking Old-School MTA With New Code

Special Thanks:
iJs - For creating the first ever, and best, GTA multiplayer mod ever
Slush - For assisting us with his passion to continue the MTA vision
eAi - For his countless help with MTA 0.5r2 and other useful information
Lil_Toady - For creating the MTA: LUA Admin, and providing us with it's source
MTA Team - For everything they have done to make MTA what it is today